A Heeb Hoax in Paris

The shooting that took place in Paris on January 7th was a hoax. Not a false-flag, a hoax, complete with green screens and crisis actors. Anyone claiming that the Charlie Hebdo shootings were real is either a dupe, or a… Continue Reading

The Bravest Man in Afghanistan

Bowe Bergdahl has been vilified by the press and the military since his release from Taliban custody on May 31st. He’s been called a deserter and a traitor. Patriots are angry over his exchange in return for five Taliban prisoners.… Continue Reading

American Mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine

This report will prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine. Allegations of security companies operating in Ukraine are not new. PressTV broadcast a report ‘purporting to show private US mercenaries’ back in March. On April 8th, The… Continue Reading