Eric Cantor *Was* Fired for being a jew.


Eric Cantor was defeated by the free flow of information on the internet, not David Brat. The American People are waking up to the criminal nature of the jewish people. That’s what cost Cantor his job.

The media has been at pains to explain away Cantor’s defeat, citing immigration and a rising anti-semitism. Some pundits have implied that the Virginia voters were rural and conservative, (ie hicks), and decided to kick a kike’s ass out of town.

No. Cantor wasn’t fired just because he’s a jew. He was fired because the American People are learning the Truth about jews.

David-BratPundits looking for a secret message in Brat’s campaign have come up short – Because there wasn’t one.

Brat didn’t even mention the fact that Cantor is jewish in his campaign.

Even if he’d wanted to play the jew card, how could He?

Brat’s campaign had a website, a facebook page, and one commercial.

Besides, Virginia voters have always known that Cantor is jewish. If they didn’t like jews he’d have been out of office years ago.

A survey conducted by Silver Bullet last week puts the whole ‘Cantor lost because of immigration’ spin to rest. Voters in Virginia’s recent primary were asked what issues swayed their decision to vote for Brat.

Only 22 percent of voters cited immigration or amnesty. When pressed further about immigration reform, only 12 percent of respondents cited it as the main reason they elected Brat.

The majority of voters, given four issues to choose from, opted for the fifth option – “Other”.


That other issue is this: 9/11 was a jewish conspiracy, and millions of Americans know it.

Think about it. The majority of Americans don’t even bother to vote. Those who do vote in general elections. This was a primary – a Republican primary. These voters were rural, conservative, and politically active.

Anyone on facebook with a political bent has seen video clips of Building 7. Or memes showing the jewish controllers of our media and finance.

statue-of-zion-mossadYouTube hosts thousands of 9/11 Truth videos. The first were posted over seven years ago.

After learning about 9/11, it doesn’t take long to find evidence of other jewish crimes; like the holocaust hoax, the jews behind communism, and the jewish role in corrupting our culture.

Even if these Virginia Republicans aren’t Truthers, they’ve certainly seen some of this information.

Although the media admits that anti-semitism may have played a role in Cantor’s defeat, they play it off as a religious or ethnic issue. No mention is made of jewish crimes like 9/11.

David Brat didn’t tell Virginia voters that Cantor was jewish, or that 9/11 was an inside job. They found out online, at websites like The Daily Stormer and INCOG MAN. These sites may be raw, but they are getting the word out.

The media is whistling in the wind when they pretend the Truth Movement doesn’t exist. There are millions of us. And we are active not just on our own websites, but YouTube and social media sites like facebook.

A recent article in The Daily Stormer reveals how pervasive their message has become:


Last month’s parliamentary elections for the European Union were a landslide. ‘Right-wing’ and ‘anti-semitic’ candidates won seats representing most countries. In France they stormed to victory, defeating more moderate parties.

The media pretended to be equally perplexed by the rise in anti-semitism in Europe. Of course they made no mention of jewish crimes – Or the exposure of those crimes by the online Truth Movement.

Eric Cantor didn’t lose to David Brat. He lost because he’s a jew and therefore a criminal. Virginia voters did kick a kike’s ass out of town, but they did it for good reason.

And this is just the beginning…

Scott Freeman


  1. by the way, I consider Andrew Anglin and the Dailystormer a Jew op.Andrew Anglin was a race mixer he said the white race should be bred out on a radio show two years ago. Scott Roberts who maybe an op as well has spent the last 6 months trying to tell all the racists that Anglin is;t trustworthy. One thing about racists is they cease being able to think when their racism is chjallenged and as long as Anglin dishes out the hate porn in speades like he does everytime he mentions Muslims and blacks, he will be popular. Why I think Anglin is an op is that he denies the protocols, he’s too smart to race bait like he does and the only way it makes sense is if he’s working for the Cohen family.

  2. Mind Controlled Slave;
    Thanks for your compliment on my site. I agree completely on Anglin. He’s done. As for Scott Roberts… I’m not sure, But I suspect him because he’s playing the enemy’s game too. He is dividing the anti-jewish Truth Movement – again. I don’t know if you were around for the Hufschmid/Bollyn/Darryl Bradford Smith circus. Or when ZionCrimeFactory split with Mike Delaney over some stupid Christian Identity posts on a forum. Or the way they all piled on TheUglyTruth. They just keep dividing us. Or at least that’s what they think. I don’t follow Truthers, I follow The Truth.

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