Unfriendly Fire in Ukraine


Someone is lying about last week’s deadly skirmish in Ukraine. Western media sources reported that separatists ambushed a unit of Ukrainian soldiers last Thursday, killing at least 16 and wounding scores more. But the Russian media told a different story.

Here’s a quote from an RT report about this attack: “The Blagodatnoe residents came out to defend their homes. The soldiers were ordered to crush the resistance. But they refused to shoot at people, and were, eventually, punished for that.”

The Voice of Russia claims the Ukrainians shot 30 of their own soldiers:

“30 people from Ukrainian military surrendered. All of them were shot”. “Militias fed prisoners and decided to put them in the building of the local college. When we put them into the bus and drove to college, the military shot the bus from a heavy machine gun,”

Then there are videos that clearly show Mi-24 attack helicopters strafing a convoy of Ukrainian troops.

In the RT video below, helicopters drop flares to mark the site. Then the rapid fire of the Mi-24’s cannon and the whistle of incoming rockets can be heard. The fear and confusion can be seen on the faces of the Ukrainian troops as they run from their own helicopters!

A few western media reports admit that these helicopters were present. But they attempt to blame it on the fog of war, as in this article from The Gaurdian:

“Adding confusion to the incident was the presence of two Ukrainian helicopters, which arrived after the engagement and may have opened fire, leading many locals to believe the operation had been staged by the Ukrainians against their own forces”.

This could have been a friendly fire incident. But the more likely explanation is the one given by local eyewitnesses and reported by the Russian media: Elements of the Ukrainian security forces fired on their own troops.

The government in Kiev has made no secret of their disdain for Ukraine’s Army. And it is clear that the army does not recognize their government. Ukrainian troops have deserted their posts, refused to carry out orders from Kiev, and even gone over to the anti-Kiev side.

As events in the east spun out of control, the country’s acting President blamed the Army for the debacle. In a public address, he accused Army units of “inaction, helplessness and sometimes treason”. 

The junta that took over Ukraine has relied on Right Sector militants and western mercenaries to fight the separatists. Now it appears these units are fighting the Army.


Scott Freeman

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