Why Joan Rivers Outed the Prezident


It was no coincidence that Joan Rivers outed Obama and ‘Michelle’ as homosexuals on July the Fourth, then began a series of public tirades that destroyed her career.

Joan Rivers was the queen of celebrity gossip. Do you seriously believe she got caught in a candid moment by a reporter – ostensibly a stranger, who just happened to ask her:

“Do you think the country will see the first gay President..?”

And that she was ready with this reply, even before the reporter finished his question?

“We already have it with Obama, so, let’s just calm down… You know Michelle is a tranny.:”

'michaelobama'Don’t you find it odd that her off-the-cuff remarks were broadcast by Fox News and CNN?

Sure, they played it off as if she were joking. As if she were crazy to make such lurid accusations.

But if the media really wanted to keep Obama’s homosexuality a secret, then why did they televise her comments?

Just weeks before Rivers outed the Prezident and ‘First Lady’, a video exposing Michelle Obama as a transvestite went viral on YouTube.

Millions of people have seen this video.

YouTube censors quickly removed the original post, but that didn’t stop videographers from re-uploading it. Here’s a link to another upload of that video. Note the number of views – nearly 3 million as of this writing.

I’ve also posted the video below – from a Vimeo account, not YouTube. This video was made by Testimony of the two Witnesses. It provides compelling evidence that our First Lady is in fact a man in drag.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, please take the time to do so now.

What happened to Joan Rivers after she outed the First Couple? The next day, she stormed off the set during a CNN interview. Her antics were widely reported. and she was held up to ridicule.

But you probably don’t know that the interview had been recorded days earlier, and aired on July the Fifth. Here’s a quote from the New York Daily News:

The interview, which was taped earlier this week and aired Saturday, started out congenially, with Whitfield talking about Rivers’ multi-hyphenate career as an author, comic and host of E!’s “Fashion Police.”

david-letterman-joanriversThe media planned the smear campaign that lambasted Rivers. She was called a washed up old fossil, an attention whore, a hag.

The LGBT community called for, (and did not get), an apology for use of the word ‘tranny’.

Even David Letterman walked out on her – on his own show.

It was all an act.

Joan Rivers thinks Obama is gay and she’s a crazy old ditz. Get it? Joan Rivers destroyed her career in order to make anyone suggesting Obama is gay, or Michelle is a transvestite, look ridiculous.

After she passed away, Breitbart News wrote a piece entitled ‘RIP Joan Rivers: No One Will Ever Call Michelle Obama a ‘Tranny  Again’. That was the idea.

And by the way, I don’t think Joan Rivers was murdered. Nor do I think she died by accident during a routine biopsy gone awry. She knew she’d indelibly tarnished her public image – that she was finished as an entertainer.

I think she decided to check herself out. And I think her doctors aided and abetted her suicide. I guess we’ll never know, because no autopsy was performed on Rivers, despite the suspicious circumstances of her death.


Joan Rivers at a Las Vegas gay pride event

Something else that makes no sense: Joan Rivers billed herself as the “Queen of the Gays”. In one of her earliest roles, she starred in a play opposite Barbara Streisand. The duo played a same sex couple, and even kissed onstage.

She was a staunch supporter of gay rights, including their right to marry. In fact she’d just left a same-sex wedding when she conducted her infamous interview. So the idea that she would use the derogatory term ‘tranny’ is suspect.

And one more thing. When the reporter asked her when we’d see the first gay President, she outed Obama and called Michelle a tranny. The reporter feigned surprise and asked: “I’m sorry she’s a what?”

Joan Rivers replied:

“a transgender. We all know it.”

joanriversisraeliflagBut who’s we? Most pundits assumed she was talking about the LGBT community. I don’t think so.

Joan Rivers was a jew. She was born Joan Molinsky, to jewish immigrants from Russia.

When she said ‘we’ she was referring to the jews who put Obama in power, the jews who control our media and our news networks.

This masquerade would have been impossible without their complicity.

That is the real scandal.

This story wasn’t publicized because the jewish media suppressed it. How could they not have known? All the carefully planned camera angles, the painted eyebrows. the special wardrobe… the bathroom. There’s just no way.

The jews foisted this queer and his transvestite boyfriend on us, and they’ve been cackling about it in their synagogues for years. Now they’re caught. They have to say something, because millions of Americans know the Obamas are gay.

Joan Rivers didn’t out the prezident and first tranny, the Truth Community did. Her last act was an attempt to deceive the public about the Obamas’ homosexuality. And it was a flop.


Scott Freeman


  1. Great post and I’d love to work with you. Personally, I think she got suicided as a liability. Remember the Jews suicided Rosenthal when he became a problem. You don’t hurt the tribe with your antics.All Jews know this. On the other hand this definitely could have been another chaos event to throw out in the goy arena for when two goy fight a Jew wins.I will come back and read more of your stuff but the concept is, we need an uncoopted site that avoids third tier operatives providing news for the goy.This is why I want to work with you because you seem to have a similar angle on this problem as I. Usually where I divide with my white brothers is on public self obsessing which was born back in an era where the white race though it could say any and everything it felt like as top dawg although even then, the Jew was whispering, “That’s a good goy, say more, say more!” take care

  2. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this web site. Thank you, I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

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