A Heeb Hoax in Paris


The shooting that took place in Paris on January 7th was a hoax. Not a false-flag, a hoax, complete with green screens and crisis actors. Anyone claiming that the Charlie Hebdo shootings were real is either a dupe, or a shill.

Video shows a police officer being shot point blank in the head, but no blood or spatter can be seen. The ‘smoke’ from the gun shot comes from a spray can – held by the officer on the ground! (See videos below for details.)

Later, when the scene of the officer’s faked death was shown on TV drenched with blood, a reporter slipped and admitted the blood had been ‘put there’. Even the French President missed his lines, referring to the terrorists as ‘actors’ during a press conference.

Helric Fredou - the only casualty of the Hebdo Hoax

Helric Fredou – the only casualty of the Hebdo Hoax

An alleged employee of the Hebdo magazine was caught laughing hysterically while being consoled by the President of France – on national television.

And let’s not forget Helric Fredou, the unfortunate Police Commissioner who just… decided to commit suicide while investigating one of the crisis actors.

The fakery is so obvious, so shallow, it begs the Question: Why hasn’t this crime received the exposure of Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing? And why have the major players in the alternative media tried to spin this hoax as a ‘false-flag’?

You’ve probably heard of Alex Jones, and if you’ve been around awhile you know he’s a tool of the jewish crime network, One week after the event in Paris, he was quoted in an article for The Daily Beast titled: ‘The Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Too crazy For Even Alex Jones’:

It’s become a whole faux, fake controversy. It becomes one of these conspiracy theories, They love whodunnit ‘Clue’ games, so everyone can now debate it. It’s not an issue—and the police officer is dead.

renaldluzierAnd yet, on his own channel, Jones hosts a show that asks: ‘Experts: Could Paris Attack be a Mossad Operation?

Paul Craig Roberts did a similar interview for PressTV, intimating that the CIA may have carried out the attacks.

Kevin Barrett wrote this in an article for Veterans Today:

It took me about five minutes to figure out that the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris was probably a false flag… I’m calling it a false flag until proven otherwise.

Kevin Barrett insists that there were shootings, that people really died, and he too blames the mossad, Anyone who believes that the mossad would gun down a dozen of their fellow jews is an idiot. Kevin Barrett and Alex Jewns are not idiots. They’re shills.

And so are the rest of these peddlers of disinformation; Paul Craig Roberts, Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, American Free Press, and anyone else pretending to be part of the Truth media while claiming there was shooting at the Hebdo Offices.

These sites are not mistaken, they’re lying. We can’t trust INFOWARS, Veterans Today, or even PressTV. So where do we look for the Truth?

polishworkershebdoMost of our information about the Charlie Hebdo hoax comes from a French website, PANAMZA.

This website broke the story of Martin Boudot. The ‘amateur’ videographer (who just happened to be a reporter for a French news agency), was caught falsifying video supplied to the mainstream media.

PANAMZA also told us about the two ‘polish’ workers who were calmly using their cell phones while jihadi terrorists were allegedly murdering a dozen people right below them.

Then we learned that these supposedly anti-jewish gunmen drove their getaway car into the heart of the jewish quarter in Paris. Where they exchanged cars in front of a cafe ran by the Jewish Defence League, and frequented by the izraeli army!

Hyper Casher, the kosher market where four jews were gunned down, was sold the day before the hoax took place. The seller, and the buyers, were jews.

Finally, a Dutch website revealed that the Charlie Hebdo Magazine was purchased by the rothschilds just one month before the shootings.

Although Veterans Today translated several of PANAMZA’s articles, those articles are interspersed with ones like this: Charlie Hebdo False Flag Story Goes Viral. So anyone trying to make sense of this faux massacre will be confused and misdirected.

We are not getting the Truth from Jones, Barrett, and Company. But the disinformation doesn’t stop there. We’re also being lied to by ‘jew-wise’ websites like The Daily Stormer.

The Charlie Hebdo employees were jews. The alleged victims shot at the kosher market were of course jews. In short, there are jewish fingerprints all over this hoax.

So why did Andrew Anglin, editor of The Daily Stormer, deny there was any conspiracy in the Hebdo shootings?


Yoav Hattab, one of the alleged victims of the Kosher market attack. Above him is a picture of Theodore Hertzl, the founder of modern zionism. Yoav’s body was flown to izrael for burial – thus, no autopsy photos (wink wink).

In this post he opines;

I still have not seen any actual evidence, beyond speculative rhetoric, that the attacks were some staged hoax…

There is no reason why the Jews would want this to happen.

Andrew Anglin advertises his site as anti-jewish, but mixes his message with white – nationalism, racism, and slurs against Negros and Muslims.

This is not the first time Anglin has spoken out against Truthers promoting “fakery”. Here’s an excerpt from another post:

The people who came up with these original “fakery” tales in the first place have formed a cult, which they try and suck members into.  They do not care about working for change and waking up the people, as is our goal here on the Daily Stormer, and instead care about pleasuring themselves with endless debates on forums… It is a hobby, period, and I have no interest in it.

Anglin sounds alot like Alex Jewns in this post. Funny thing, for a supposed white nationalist, he has made some strange comments in the past. On a radio show in 2012, he allegedly stated that “white people should be bred out of existence”.

Anglin was so embarrassed by this radio interview when it was leaked on YouTube, he had his lawyers file for copyright protection. The video has been taken down by YouTube censors. But information about it, and Anglin’s past, can be found here, and here.


Amichai Stein, Deputy Editor of izrael’s IBA Channel 1, just happened to be on hand, tweeting photos from the scene of the faux shooting. And yes, that is the President of France showboating with those crisis actors.

Why are these disinfo agents so confused? Why are they ready to call this event a false flag, but desperate to avoid calling it a hoax?

And what’s the difference between a hoax and a false flag anyway?

The difference is this: Media Complicity.

If there really were Islamic Terrorists, and they really shot a dozen people, then when the media reported it as news, they were telling the Truth.

But if there were no terrorists, no one got shot, and they were all acting – then the media was lying.

And the media… is… jewish.

That’s what they don’t want us to figure out. That’s why Alex Jewns and the other shills are spinning this as a real event or a false flag: To feed us a conspiracy while deceiving us.

Cui Bono? Who benefits from the Heeb Hoax in Paris?. The French Army now guards jewish synagogues in France. There have been waves of arrests for ‘advocating terrorism‘ since the Hebdo event. Charges include ‘racial hatred’ – ie. anti-semitism.

It’s true that the French are anti-semites. They don’t like jews – and for good reason.

They know jews control the European Central Bank. And that jews are behind the austerity measures crippling Europe. Worse, they are learning that the holocaust was a lie. That jews are behind the immigration policies that are destroying their culture.


The French Interior Ministry began blocking websites it claims “could lead people to take up arms on the Internet”. Sites promoting ‘hate’, (ie Truth sites), can be restricted in France without a court order…

France’s ruling party lost 199 towns in last year’s elections, Fronte Nationale swept to victory on an anti-immigration platform.

Dieudonné, the famous French comedian, claims France is run by jewish ‘slave drivers’, and ridicules the holocaust lie.

He was arrested last month for ‘condoning terrorism’. His offense? A facebook post about Charlie Hebdo.

The jews have lost control of France. They’ve lost control politically, and they’ve lost control of public opinion via social media and the internet. The Heeb Hoax was a desperate attempt to stifle the growing anti-jewish fervor in France and the rest of Europe.

The enemy has seen how quickly the Truth Community can debunk their version of events. This time, they had a plan: They quietly took down YouTube accounts that were exposing this hoax, while their disinfo agents sowed confusion in the alternative media.

They pulled out all the stops, and in so doing, they’ve exposed themselves and their agents. The Charlie Hebdo event was a jewish plot, just like 9/11. And it was all fake. No one died, (except for Police Commissioner Helric Fredou), and no one got hurt.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.



Things have become very surreal on YouTube recently. This hoax, and the fake TransAsia airline disaster have exposed a shill network. I’ve followed these events closely, and unsubscribed from several channels known to be disinfo agents.

There are high quality videos exposing the Heeb Hoax. but I had to dig to find them. I admit I was not subscribed to any of the video channels that appear below. I knew the Paris shooting was fake, and I searched for proof.

Many YouTube videos exposing this hoax were flagged and removed. One videographer, PeeKay, has had not one, but two channels taken down since January 7th. (Nevertheless, his Heeb Hoax videos are posted below.)

This first video, posted by Karla Brunsen is the smoking gun. Literally.

This next video, posted by DVSGOD 010 has more information on the police officer/actor, and a clip of the SkyNews reporter admitting that the blood had been ‘put there’.

This is PeeKay’s classic Paris Hoax video ‘La Paris La Bullshit’. Watch and see why his channel was taken down – twice! Also, The day I posted this essay, PeeKay rebuilt his original channel, Peekay22.

This next video is another from PeeKay22, although this one was re-uploaded by lovesbeing. It shows the cheezeball shootout at the Hyper Casher Corral.

This video investigates the fake terrorists, the getaway car, and the exchange that took place when they switched vehicles. Isn’t it convenient that these terrorists left an ID card in the vehicle?

This video by Mitch Conner reveals hidden connections between several crisis actors, including Renald Luzier, the laughing Hebdo survivor. (We’ll see more of him further down…).

These last to videos were made by Lesta Nediam. The first shows Renald’s infamous laughter during a condolence ceremony with the French President.

You’ve probably seen the videos of Robbie Parker, smirking and asking ‘are we ready to start?’ Before pretending to be a bereaved parent at Sandy hook. Renald is the Robbie Parker of this hoax.

The final video reveals evidence of a green screen during some of the crowd scenes.

Scott Freeman

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  1. Yes, I agree, the people leading our movement all have baggage and no one seems to care. Remember, Anglin 1st published his stuff through A. Jones so it doesn’t surprise that he is encouraging folks to believe the mainstream alternative media OCTs.
    The fact that they seem to thinkl it’s an important area to tamp down is kind of a red flag. Or they will speak derisively about those that keep looking when they encourage not to and you will see very similar tactics to the way MS folks handle their dissent- Control the iopposition by being the opposition. One link is broken for the Anglin referrals probably cause I moved it during my template switch

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