Warning! 18+ Avov Battalion Crucifies and Burns a Captive!

Make no mistake, these scumbags are not Ukrainians. They’re jews! There is no way Ukrainian troops, or any Christian mercenaries could carry out this abominable crime.

It’s no secret that these battalions are financed by the jewish oligarchy that has taken over Ukraine. A jewish billionaire funds the ‘Azov Battalion’. Another of these volunteer battalions, Matilan, openly recruits jews for duty in Ukraine.

These scumbags – these psychotic jews, wanted to record this atrocity. The video opens with a chilling proclamation by one of the Azov members:

We, soldiers of Azov battalion, fighting against moskal (Russian) dirt, Everything that is about to happen will happen to everyone aiding separatism

They bind and gag their captive with duct tape, then nail his hands to a cross! Next they crucify their prisoner – literally raising the cross with the bound victim into the air. Finally, the video ends just as they ignite a fire which begins to burn the victim.


Scott Freeman

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