American Mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine


This report will prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine. Allegations of security companies operating in Ukraine are not new. PressTV broadcast a report ‘purporting to show private US mercenaries’ back in March.

On April 8th, The Russian Foreign Ministry formally accused ‘Greystone Ltd.’, the shadowy mercenary company formally known as Blackwater, of operating in Ukraine. The statement issued by the Ministry reads:

“A special concern is connected with the fact that about 150 U.S. experts from the private military organization Greystone dressed in the uniforms of special unit Sokol are involved in the operation.”

This first video leaves little doubt that the Russians are correct. You can clearly hear the captured mercenary say: “I’m a US citizen”. At time :42 the stencils on the back of his body armor are visible. It reads ‘COKL’ – the cyrillic spelling for Sokol.

A simple google search for ukraine troops provides hundreds of photos. We can see what Ukrainian soldiers look like, their rifles, webbing, uniforms, helmets, ect. And nowhere do we find soldiers like the ones in the photo below, from an RT news article.

Note the helmets, the body armor, knee pads, ect. This is not Ukrainian military gear. Rather, they look like western special forces – or Blackwater mercenaries.


The caption labels them ‘security force officers’. But what security force? They can’t be referring to the elite Berkut Special Police Force, because the Kiev government ordered that unit disbanded months ago.

Here is another photo, this one a screenshot from an RT video. The soldier on the left could be a Ukrainian regular. But the other two have different uniforms, different webbing, body armor, ect. Their gear is similar to that on the US mercenary captured in the video above.


Then we have this discarded MRE, (Meal, Ready to Eat), found in the eastern Ukrainian city of Andreevka. The photo appeared in The Independent, in an article attempting to dismiss claims made by local residents who insist foreign mercenaries were there.


There can be no doubt that snipers fired on pro-Russian separatists in Andreevka. The village is less than two miles form Slavyansk, where a battle raged last week. Mercenaries speaking english were interviewed by Russian television there just before the battle. andreevka

This video was posted to YouTube on April 29th. Although there is no translation for the Russian speaking reporters, none is needed. One of the mercenaries speaks clearly in American accented English: First stating “it’s my privilege“, then “no comments“, as he tries to avoid being exposed.

The following video was posted on February 21st, 2014, during the protests in Kiev. According to the comments posted with the video, the agent is actually a CIA Operative. The badge for the ‘International Police Association’ is just a cover.

When the Russians formally accused Greystone of operating in Ukraine, the company denied the allegations. A State Department official referred questions to the company and said: “As for the United States, we do not have any U.S. military units in Ukraine”.

Think about that carefully parsed statement. No ‘military units’ in Ukraine does not preclude the CIA, or other intelligence agencies. And of course this would not refer to private security forces.

At this point we don’t have to ask if mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine. Of course they are. Some, if not all of them, are Americans.

These mercenaries are not fighting separatists or conducting an ‘anti-terrorist operation’. They’re shooting people down in the streets. Watch the following videos to see these Americans in action – please note these videos show graphic violence.



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